Billiard Accessories

Billiard accessories are essential for the good practice of this activity, too often considered as a simple leisure activity.
Whether you are an amateur or an experienced player, it is advisable to equip yourself with the best billiard accessories, in order to enjoy your billiard table at home. Moreover, billiard professionals also equip themselves at Billards Bréton.
Specialized in billiard equipment, Billards Bréton is the most qualified to offer you the best quality in billiard equipment.
On the Bréton Billiards site, you will find all the billiard accessories you will need to enjoy the pleasures of this discipline, but also, useful accessories for decorating your billiard table and the room in which you will have displayed it.

A team of professionals to advise you

La force de notre site Billards Bréton : une équipe de professionnels du billard disponibles et à votre écoute pour vous guider et vous conseiller dans votre choix de l’accessoire de billard idéal. Vous y trouverez tous les conseils et les astuces en lien avec les accessoires de billard.
Notre équipe vous aidera et vous aiguillera plus précisément dans le choix de votre queue de billard français, américain, pool ou snooker, dans le choix de votre chevalet, de vos billes ou encore de votre luminaire. Seuls les experts Billard Bréton pourront vous décrire en détail les différentes étapes pour savoir comment changer le procédé ou la flèche votre queue de billard, par exemple.

Billards Bréton accessories

Among the essential billiard accessories without which it would be impossible to play, we obviously find the billiard balls, as well as the billiard cue. Nevertheless, it is possible to complete your collection with other billiard accessories such as protective covers, but also chalk, gloves…
In addition to the billiard accessories themselves, you also have the possibility to customize the room in which your billiard table is located. This allows you to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of billiards thanks to lightnings that offer a subdued atmosphere or posters to hang on the wall.

How to choose your billiard table?

The most important accessory for playing pool is the pool table itself! To choose it, it is necessary to respect some essential rules.
First of all, it is important to know that there are several types of billiards, depending on the version of the game you want to play: Carom, English pool, snooker, American pool… Some of the billiard tables on our Bréton billiards site can even allow you to play Carom and American billiards at the same time!
Without ever sacrificing quality, you will find, on the specialized Bréton Billiards website, all the billiard tables you need, from the most functional to the most stylish, as well as intermediate billiard tables for beginners looking for unique sensations.
To learn more about the criteria for choosing a pool table and to follow all the latest news in this discipline, visit our site of billiard professionals.

Looking for billiard accessories ?

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Range of accessories

Billiard cues

A billiard cue is a rod, usually made of wood, used to hit billiard balls.

It consists of a heel, essential protection to limit its damage, a drum connected to a boom by a trunnion, a ferrule and a tip.

The size of the tip varies according to the expected play effects. A small diameter limits contact with the billiard ball and makes strategic variations easier. This case is suitable for a high quality carpet, with relatively light billiard balls. On the other hand, a larger diameter reduces the range of possibilities. It becomes more difficult to give an effect when in contact with the ball.

Billiard cues are mainly made from maple wood. They can be monobloc or, conversely, dismountable in two parts.

Shafts for billiard cues

Flêche de queue de billard

If you want a shaft with a different diameter than the one that comes standard on your cue, you will find here the choice among the well-known brands (Buffalo, Adams, Longoni, Cuetec…), both for Carom and American game.
In addition, our repair workshop can make the necessary modifications to adapt these arrows to your equipment (consult us).

Billiard cues cases and bags

To move around with your equipment, offer yourself the protection you need to protect it and keep it in the best conditions.
Soft or rigid cases, cases containing up to 4 butts and 8 shafts, aluminium cases for pool cues or 1pc snooker cues or ¾….

Malette de queue de billard

Billiard cues rack

Porte-queues de billard en bois

As they are essential to store your equipment at home, you will find the model that matches your interior and complete the decoration of your gaming room within our selection:

  • Store 6 to 9 cues,
  • Wall fixing or standalone,
  • Classic or contemporary,
  • Wide choice of colors and wood species.

Billiard balls

We propose you an extensive selection of billiard balls from Aramith, the official supplier for the most prestigious billiard competitions.

All these balls are made of phenolic resin to ensure perfect rebound and rolling conditions.

We also have a large selection of triangles, balls cases and cleaning products specifically designed to protect your billiard balls sets.

Étui pour billes de billards rouge

Accessories for your billiard balls

Billiards Bréton also provides you with equipment and accessories that allow you to optimize the use, storage and maintenance of your Carom, American, English pool and snooker billiard balls. Indeed, we have a wide choice of wooden or plastic triangles.

To store your different balls sets, Billards Bréton has thought of everything and offers you boxes for 3 or 16 balls.

Finally, to keep your billiard balls shiny, you will find effective cleaning products, such as our Aramith cleaner, Buffalo Diamond balls cleaner, or our balls polishing machine, with its kit.

Go to our Bréton Billiards eshop website to discover our wide choice of balls for Carom, American, snooker and pool billiards. Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions regarding the choice of the most suitable balls for your practice.

Billiard scoreboard

Essential to follow the score of your Carom, American or snooker pool games and an ideal complement to the decoration of your room, we offer about ten references of point markers and abacus.

For billiard clubs, electronic point markers with or without remote control are also available.

Marqueur de points pour billard

Billiard Equipment

You will find here whatever is useful to the care of your equipment:

  • Large choice of tips, ferrules (different diameters available), weight bolts,
  • Glue, cue repair kits, tip tools, bumpers,
  • Gloves and rubber grips to increase your control each type you play.
Craie pour queue de billard roses,  bleu clair et bleur foncé

The maintenance of your pool table is also very important. Our choice of brushes, vacuum cleaners and covers specially designed for your pool table will allow you to increase the life of the cloth by protecting it from dust.


Refine and develop your training skills by discovering the best players’ methods for carom or American pool billiard.

Whatever your level and the game you are interested in, you will progress thanks to these books.

Lighting for billiard tables

Embellish your gaming room and improve the comfort and precision of the game: we propose a arge choice of classical or contemporary lightning systems for billiards.

Old fashioned lights with opalines (in white or green color) will give your billiard room the feeling of authenticity…

while more design Compact lightning system will offer the best possible playing conditions, as the one experienced in international competitions.

Billiard room decoration

You will find in these pages posters, boards, clocks and many other items which will bring the final touch to your gaming room.

Foosball games

To make your gaming room complete you need a foosball! Check our range of references among which Bonzini’s most famous ones!

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