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Table de billard 2001 de Billards Breton

Billards Bréton origins

Magasin billard Bréton en 1920

Since their creation in Saint-Germain en Laye in 1852, Billards Bréton have specialized in billiard tables manufacturing, maintenance and restoration.

Founded by Alexandre Bréton, the company was initially renting billiard tables in cafés, restaurants and hotels in the Paris area.

In 1947 the company was bought by Roger Marteau who increased the brand presence in many public places, as carom billiard game turned out to be a very popular leisure at that time.

Four generations from Marteau family have succeeded since then, adapting the company’s offer to market changes.

It began in 1976, when the company moved its workshop in Orgeval (Yvelines) a few kilometers from its original manufacture location.

This new site increased Billards Bréton production capacity, particularly to clubs and commercial playing rooms whose number increased rapidly during the 80s and 90s.

At that time Billards Bréton bought out the Paris based manufacture Carrier Laumé.

As a proof of Bréton’s commitment to leisure and competition, many clubs and large playing rooms will be equipped with Breton billiard tables throughout its history of which:

  • L’Académie (Lille) : 52 tables,
  • L’Académie Beaugrenelle (Paris 15) : 31 tables,
  • L’Étoile Foch (Paris 16) : 10 tables,
  • The New Billiard (Kremlin Bicêtre) : 33 tables,
  • The Shoot Again (Paris) : 18 tables.
  • L’As de Pique Billard (Rosny-sous-Bois) : 11 tables.
  • The Billiard Bowling Paxton Résidence (Ferrières-en-Brie) : 13 tables.
  • The Jet Set Club (Paris) : 4 tables.

Billards Bréton’s reputation has thus developped over generations and a growing number of players have played in cafes, hotels and restaurants on iconic models such as 2001.

A change in billiards market

From 1990, French billiards market changed profoundly, with private clients becoming a growing business for the company.

Under the influence of leisure development, home ownership and more modern billiard designs, billiards have been popularized rapidly. Many private clients have been able to install a pool table at home, especially since they can be turned into private dining table or office desks. Since then, the concern for bespoke billiard tables has strongly developed in order to offer to each client a unique piece, made for its own interior.

The company has not forgotten its roots and remains today the French billiards brand with the largest number of national and international competitions sponsorship, including:

  • 3 cushions World Championships in Rézé (1998),
  • Artistic European Championship in Challans (2003),
  • 3 cushions World Championships in Saint-Wendel, Germany (2006 and 2008),
  • 3 cushions World team Championships in Nantes (2007),
  • 3 cushions World team Championships in Challans (2008),
  • AGIPI Masters (official sponsor for all editions from 2007 to 2012): this prestigious event with a record prize money of more than 100 000 € gathered the best worldwide 3 cushions players in France on 2 Prestige Bréton tables.
  • French carom Nationals since 2010 (ongoing): Bréton is the official supplier for Fédération Française de Billard finals every year,
  • 1 cushions World Championships in Saint-Brévin (2014).
Salle de compétition de billard pour les World Team Trophy

The historical involvement and expertise of Billiards Bréton for both private and professional customers was reinforced in 2012 by the “Living Heritage Company” (EPV) label which was awarded by French Ministry of Trade to our company. This distinction offers new creative opportunities, working with interior designers to achieve unique models like Django or prototype “V House”.

Symbol of technical and commercial success, the Aero model, originally designed only for private customers, has seen its technical features evolve to become the new reference of the company for national and international competitions.

The quality and technical requirements that are hallmarks of the Bréton manufacturing serve today all our customers: they are the guarantee of our professionalism and our seriousness.

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