Moving your billiard table

Entrust the removal of your pool table to specialized movers and technicians.

Billards Bréton will help you move your billiard table.

Several situations require the transportation of a billiard table: a move to a new home, a change of room or the sale of your second-hand billiard table. Whether your billiard table is being moved a few meters away or to another location, it is advisable to carry out this operation with great care to avoid any deterioration.

As billiard table manufacturers since 1852, we put our expertise at your disposition to ensure the dismantling, transport and reassembly of all billiard tables brands during a move. All this while maintaining the Bréton warranty (for our models under warranty).

Our professional movers and technicians intervene everywhere in France. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department for more information.

Tailor-made services for your move

Table de billard convetible installée par Billards Bréton


From slates to legs and carpet, we meticulously dismantle your billiard table for easy transportation.

Camionnette bleue Billards Breton


Once your billiard table is dismantled, we protect each part carefully and proceed to load it into a truck. Your billiard table is then delivered to the desired address.

Installation d'un billard Billards Breton


Your table is installed in the room of your choice by our technicians. They reassemble it completely, change the cloth and make the necessary level controls.

Why use specialized movers for your billiard table?

You hesitate to call upon professionals for the removal of your pool table? Know that this option remains the most reassuring, for your billiard table as well as for you.

Indeed, a Billiards Bréton billiard table can weigh up to 1,250 kg and requires special expertise to be dismantled and reassembled correctly. Some parts of the billiard table, such as the slates, are also fragile and require special protection.

Therefore, in order not to injure yourself or risk damaging your billiard table, we recommend that you call upon the services of our experienced technicians and movers. This will also allow you to keep the warranty of your Bréton billiard table.

Would you like to use our services to move your billiard table? Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized estimate.

In which room should you install your billiard table after your move?

To maintain a good quality of play, it is necessary to install your billiard table in a clear room of your house or apartment. The dimensions and configuration of the room should be adapted to the size of your table and the size of the cues you use (walls and furniture should be located away from the table). For your information, for a 2m10 long billiard table (7ft table), we advise you to leave an empty space of at least 4m40 x 3m50 around the table.

Before moving your billiard table, we recommend that you clear the access to the room and the area where you wish to install your table by removing the furniture, carpets and decorative objects.

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Our additional services for your billiard table

Restauration d'un billard

In addition to moving your table, Billards Bréton also offers you the following services for your billiard table, whatever its type (American or English pool, Carom, snooker….) :

  • Delivery and installation ;
  • Maintenance and renovation;
  • Restoration of old billiard tables;
  • Bespoke creations  ;
  • Loan/rental of billiard tables for events.

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Customize your billiard table

Dismantling and transporting your billiard table can also be an opportunity to make improvements to it. Billards Bréton offers several customization services on many billiard brands for which it takes care of transport and removal:

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