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All our second hand billiard tables can be seen in our Orgeval factory: feel free to get in touch with us to come and see those tables!

We also propose a selection of clearance tables from our showroom.

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Model Orion Breton 2m10 (7ft)

  • Orion US pool 2m10 (7ft), slate 1 pc 20mm thickness
  • Skirt Jubilé type
  • White cream patina finish on solid Kotibé
  • Dining table top 3 parts
  • Simonis cloth 760 GOLD

As an option:

  • Carom / US pool plug transformation system
  • Cloth color change
Model Orion Breton 2m10 (7ft)

Art Deco Carom Table from early XXth century

  • Carom table 2m80 6 square legs in walnut finish
  • Mother of pearl sights
  • 1 piece metallic frame
  • Slates 50mm in 3 parts, new Klematch rubber cushion
  • New heating system
  • Excellent overall playing conditions
Art Deco Carom Table from early XXth century

Manhattan model Billards Bréton

  • US pool table playing area 210x105cm
  • Solid stainless steel structure which can be dissassembled
  • ​Rails in Wenge with metallic sights
  • ​Carom / US Pool transformation system 
Manhattan model Billards Bréton

2001 Bréton billiard

Those tables were official tables of 2014 UMB’s 1 cushion Worldchampionship:

  • 3m10 carom – Black metallic triangular legs
  • Metallic frame in 1 piece
  • Slates OIS in 4 parts 60mm thickness.
  • Heating system and diamond sights.
  • Natural Kotibe finish on rails, black skirts.

Special competition price.

2001 Bréton billiard