Custom billiards: customize your billiard table!

Discover all the options that will allow you to create a unique model: yours!

A large choice of colors and finishes

More than 20 cloth colors !

You can choose within a large color selection for the cloth of your billiard table. We mostly use Simonis, Hainsworth or Strachan cloth brands to insure you with the highest quality and the longest possible service life.

Depending on the game choosed for your billiard table (carom, blackball, pool or snooker) we will use the proper cloth (wool/nylon repartition, weight…).

We are at your disposition should you need swatches of the available cloths.

Different wood species and finishes

Each one of our table can be realized in several different wood species.

We propose a large choice of finishes (including satin or matt finish, patinas, solid colors…) for your table to perfectly match your interior decoration.

We are at your disposition should you need samples of the different colors available.

Unlimited solid colors possibilities

We can give your billiard table any color within the RAL color chart with a final satin, mat or shinny aspect.

We are at your disposition should you need samples of the different RAL colors available.

Let our craftsmen customize your pool table!

By meeting our advisors or visiting our Orgeval showroom, you will be able to specify each characteristic of your future billiard table: choice of wood species, sheet colours, wooden or glass table top, return of balls, French and American processing…..

Because your pool table must fit in your room as well as possible, the choice of the right size is crucial in order to allow a smooth circulation around this central piece of furniture. In the same way, the choice of finishes will highlight a billiard table that will look like you!

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Your pool table matches your interior and your gaming desires!

plug inox pour billard mixte français américain

Carom / Pool plug conversion system

1 pool table....up to 4 game modes!

These 6 parts are easy to install and storage and they will turn in only a few minutes your pool table into a carom billiard.

We take the highest precautions to make these parts in order to provide you with the best possible playing conditions.

Made in brushed stainless steel they can be adapted on all our models.

Table de billard convertible Verso avec plateau et bancs blancs

Wood and glass table tops

Turn your pool table into a dining table or a desk!

All our billiard tables turn into a dining table to receive your friends for dinner after or before a billiard game! Made in 2 or 3 parts the dining tops rely on the billiard rails which are protected with foam.

We can realize your dining top in glass too, that will bring a major design touch to your table.

Balls recovery on pool tables

To rediscover the sensations of competitive billiards!

Standard recovery of balls is drop pockets on all our models (3 to 8 balls per pocket depending on the model).

It is possible to add a centralized system to recover all the balls in a drawer at the end of your game.

Pocket liners are proposed in vinyl or in leather.

Improve your performance!

Improve the performance of your pool table with these options!

Slates thickness

Slates thickness depends on the size of your billiard as well as on the game mode you have chosen. It ranges from 20mm (in 1 part) for 7ft blackball tables to 60mm (in 4 parts) for carom match competition tables to get the best possible rolling conditions.

All our metallic frames are equipped with tightening systems which warranty the perfect flatness on the long run of your billiard table.

Diamond sights

These sights, also refered to as « Diamond system », are available in silkscreen or in mother of pearl.

Their position is a tool to calculate the balls trajectory in the playing area but they will also bring a decorative touch to your billiard.

For an even more exclusive customisation, we can also propose you to use real diamonds for these parts!

Heating system for Carom tables

Hidden under the slates, the heating system reduces the influence of air humidity on the rolling conditions of your billiard table.

It makes the carom billiard table softer and quieter, with optimal playing performances.

Let's meet to discuss your project

Your personalized billiard table becomes a decorative element that fits perfectly into your decoration and offers you multiple possibilities of play and use!

By meeting us or visiting our showroom and our manufacturing site in Orgeval, we define together all the characteristics of your pool table and produce a unique model for you.

Our advisors also come to your home to help you design the layout of your future games room.

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