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Launch of Billiard for Olympics 2024 in Paris

The World Confederation of Billiards Sports (WCBS) and the Fédération Française de Billard (FFB) presented on 14 November 2018 the billiards candidacy to include it among the additional sports at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Billards Bréton reinforces its commitment to the French Billiards Federation and supports the “Billard 2024” Project Committee by becoming an official partner. The objective of this committee is to create unity in the world of billiards sport to be able to lead the best possible campaign to obtain Olympic recognition. The press conference presenting the candidacy took place on Friday, November 30th at the Eiffel Tower in the presence of the various federations, players and members of the industry participating in the project.

Billiards is a sport rooted in history and it is practiced throughout the world in many disciplines, the three main ones being Carom (French billiards), American pool and snooker. There are 261 national federations in 135 countries.

At the crossroads of sport, leisure and history, Billiards has all the qualities to participate in the Olympic adventure! It requires concentration, lucidity and precision and is practiced at all ages. Do you know an intergenerational, friendly, educational and beneficial sport for your health? Billiards is an excellent example of this! Do you know a sport where you can anticipate, design, attack and defend? This sport is still billiards!

Events will be held during the selection process to present all aspects of billiards to the general public.

In parallel, an online petition and a campaign on social networks have been launched to support the candidacy: #billiards2024 is the hashtag that will unite all billiard players around the world. A major championship will be held in March in Ile de France to present to the public the game modes used for billiards at the Olympic Games!

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