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Breton partner of Billiards 2024 for first World Team Trophy

The World Team Trophy (WTT), which takes place on March 11th & 12th 2019 at the Orangerie de Roissy-en-France, will prefigure what the sports formula should be at the Olympic Games. On the occasion of this first World Trophy we have installed a 3m10 AERO for the Carom billiards matchs.

In Roissy, 4 men’s and 4 women’s teams will be competing: France, Europe, Asia and "Rest of the World" (Africa, America and Oceania). Each team is composed of three players representing the carambola (3 bands), the American pool and the snooker. In addition to the French, the selected players come from 18 different countries and five continents, thus meeting the IOC’s requirements of diversity.

The formula is designed so that the games last about an hour with half an hour of beating between game turns. The matches will be broadcast live on the Olympic channel!

Launch of Billiard for Olympics 2024 in Paris!

Billards Bréton is an official partner of the "Billard 2024" project committee

The World Confederation of Billiards Sports (WCBS) and the Fédération Française de Billard (FFB) presented on 14 November 2018 the billiards candidacy to include it among the additional sports at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Billards Bréton reinforces its commitment to the French Billiards Federation and supports the "Billard 2024" Project Committee by becoming an official partner. The objective of this committee is to create unity in the world of billiards sport to be able to lead the best possible campaign to obtain Olympic recognition. The press conference presenting the candidacy took place on Friday, November 30th at the Eiffel Tower in the presence of the various federations, players and members of the industry participating in the project.

Billiards is a sport rooted in history and it is practiced throughout the world in many disciplines, the three main ones being Carom (French billiards), American pool and snooker. There are 261 national federations in 135 countries.

At the crossroads of sport, leisure and history, Billiards has all the qualities to participate in the Olympic adventure! It requires concentration, lucidity and precision and is practiced at all ages. Do you know an intergenerational, friendly, educational and beneficial sport for your health? Billiards is an excellent example of this! Do you know a sport where you can anticipate, design, attack and defend? This sport is still billiards!

Events will be held during the selection process to present all aspects of billiards to the general public.

In parallel, an online petition and a campaign on social networks have been launched to support the candidacy: #billiards2024 is the hashtag that will unite all billiard players around the world. A major championship will be held in March in Ile de France to present to the public the game modes used for billiards at the Olympic Games!

A world champion pays us a visit

We were honored to have Dick Jaspers, the three-time World 3 cushions Champion (2000, 2004, 2011) at our Orgeval location this week. This meeting was intended to show him our manufacture and our showroom but also to present him to our team. Since Januaray 2018 Dick Jaspers has been representing our brand. He has found a few hours in his busy schedule between 2 stages of World Cup to discover in detail the specifics of our manufacture of Carom billiard tables. Particularly attentive to the technical and aesthetic details required by carom billiards he also shared with us his training conditions and some details about his lifestyle of high level player. He was also able to discover our dining billiards tables and our Pool/Carom convertible billiards.

Currently ranked number 5 in the UMB worldwide ranking, and recent winner of the World Cup stage in Blankenberge, the program of the coming months is very busy for Dick Jaspers: Porto World Cup, 3CC Masters in Seoul at which he will also perform many exhibitions for our Korean clients and in August the McCreery 3C Champion of Champions a brand new competition with a prize money of more than 600 000 dollars!

His track record makes him a highly respected player for many years:

  • 3 World Champion titles of 3-band billiards (2000, 2004 and 2011)
  • 4 European Champion titles of 3-band billiards in (2003, 2008, 2010, 2011)
  • 2 titles of European Champion by National Teams (2013, 2015)
  • 3 Dutch Champion titles at 3-band billiards (2002, 2003, 2005)
  • 2 Dutch Champion titles at 1-band billiards (2003, 2004)
  • 2 times winner of the AGIPI Masters (2008, 2010)
  • 11 World Cup victories since 2004
  • Numerous victories in international and national Grand Prix as well as in various invitational tournaments

Our partnership with the Dutch player is part of a desire to share our common taste for Carom billiards to as many people as possible. Dick Jaspers will participate in several exhibitions during which he will play games against players wishing to compete with him to perfect their technique.

We wish him all the best for continuing to build on this prize list and count on him to help us improve the playgrounds we propose to our customers!

Dick Jaspers, 3 times World champion visiting our showroom

Dick Jaspers, 3 times World champion visiting our showroom

Our new eshop is online - Save 25% on your first order

Discover our range of accessories for your billiard room in our brand new e-shop!

Cues for pool or carom, Aramith balls set, cleaning and maintenance products, cases : you’ll find anything you need wether your an amateur or a professional!

And get a 25% discount for your first order!

For any question or precision you may reach us at 33 1 39 75 95 15 or by email at from monday to friday.

* : except for pool and foosball tables.

New Billards Bréton carom café in Korea

In a country where carom billiard is a national sport played by several million people, Billiards Bréton is the partner of exclusive carom cafés.

One of our last realizations offers outstanding playing conditions to the most demanding players: it’s the carom café "MyeongJak" located in Daejeon, a city approximately 150kms in the South East of Seoul. 4 model Aero 310 and 4 models Regent 310 were installed there in an exclusive design room with the possibility for every table of filming and livestreaming all matches.

The owners of this café offer perfect playing conditions for a passionate carom players.

Discover all our competition models here

Billards Bréton carom café in Daejeong

Billards Bréton carom café in Daejeong

More Bréton tables in Korea

Presentation of our know how on BFM Business

On wednesday march 9th we had the opportunity to present our billiard factory and our craftmen know how on BFM TV show “Métiers d’art, Métiers de Luxe”.

Click here to see the complete interview and discover in a few minutes our company and the manufacturing operations in Orgeval.

Benoît Marteau presents Billards Bréton on BFM Business

Benoît Marteau presents Billards Bréton on BFM Business

Billards Bréton partner for Junior French championship

The best junior players met in Vignacourt from February 19th to 21st to compete for the finals of free game and 3 cushions game.

On this occasion Billards Bréton installed 4 models AERO 2m80 in the multi-purpose hall of Vignacourt so that these young hopes of the French billiard sport can evolve on the same playground as the best professionals!

After a complete week end of competition Maxime Panaïa (from Colmar) won the title for 3-cushions game and Yohann Alderbonn (from Albert) won the title at free game.

Congratulation to the players ant to the team who organized this event!


Junior French national championships 2016 - Photo M. Jonard

Junior French national championships 2016 - Photo M. Jonard

More information about the competition

Billards Bréton in ”Savoir-faire extraordinaires de France”

We are proud to appear in Maud Tyckaert’s selection for its last book " Savoir-faire extraordinaires de France " which has just been published.

You will find in this colourful collection a selection of brands recognized for their excellence and know how.

Travel France to discover the most symbolic products of French living heritage for house, fashion and culture! You’ll experience the trade secrets of the craftsmen which realize them.

book cover of ”Savoir-faire extraordinaires de France”

book cover of ”Savoir-faire extraordinaires de France”

Click here to purchase the book

New billiard room on the Champs Elysées

Discover, only two steps away from Champs-Elysées, a new billiard room equipped with 4 models American pool 9ft Break models from Billards Bréton.

In a warm atmosphere, Jet set Billiards welcomes you every day from 11 am to 6 am for impassioned games on pool tables specially designed to match the decoration of the room. Billiard cloth even carry proudly the logo of the room! 

Also take advantage of a restaurant and a cabaret if you wish to extend the evening!

Jet Set Billards & Cabaret - 14 rue de Washington - 75008 Paris - 09 84 34 23 22

Jet Set billiard room in Paris 75008.

Jet Set billiard room in Paris 75008.

Internet website of Jet Set billards

In partnership with interior designer Olivier Chabaud, Bréton realizes a unique prototype

At the heart of a park along the Seine river stands a 19th century house, fully refurbished by interior designer Olivier Chabaud. To equip the billiard room, Billard Bréton was asked to realize a unique prototype.

The billiard table summarizes the whole project philosophy: clean lines, importance of lighting effect and highest care for materials selection.

This convertible carom to American pool table of 2m60 long breaks the classic billiards lines.

The prototype "V House" is at crossroads between tradition and modernity, reflecting the expertise of Billards Bréton.

Photo credit: Philippe Harden

Photo credit: Philippe Harden

Learn more about the house “V”

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