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A unique prototype realized with interior designer Olivier Chabaud Architecte

At the heart of a park along the Seine river stands a 19th century house, fully refurbished by interior designer[...]

Discover snooker game rules

Snooker game is played on pocket tables with sets of 22 balls of 52mm diameter. The balls include: A white cue ball 15 red balls with[...]

Billiards Bréton is expanding in South Korea

Carom billiards is currently experiencing rapid development in South Korea: the country benefits from several million regular practitioners with a[...]

Discover the rules of english pool also known as blackball

Blackball (also known as English pool) is a variant of billiards played on smaller 7ft tables. It is played by 2 players with 16 balls (1 white cue ball, 1 black, 7 red,[...]

Discover the rules of US pool billiard game

Pool game is played on a 6 pockets billiard table with 15 colored balls and 1 white ball cue ball of 57.2mm diameter: Balls numbered[...]

Discover the rules for Carom billiards

Carom billiard is played on a billiard table without pockets and with a set of 3 balls: one red and two white of which one is marked. The player must[...]

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