Buying a billiard table: advantages and advice for your purchase

Billar Osmoz avec drap violet Billards Bréton
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Would you like to purchase a pool table and know the benefits you will get from it? Les Billards Bréton present you the different advantages of a billiard table and guide you so that you can make your purchase in the best conditions.

Billard Prestige noir Billards Bréton
Billiard table Prestige

Billiards: a leisure activity that can be easily practised at all ages and on many occasions.

Having a billiard table at home is the assurance of spending many hours of relaxation and leisure time with your family. Whether it is pool billiards, English pool or even snooker, billiards is accessible to all generations.

From 7 to 87 years old, playing billiards alone or in a team allows you to exchange and share moments with friends or colleagues but also to get rid of the stress of a working day.

Moreover, billiards is no longer limited to municipal clubs or commercial halls. Thanks to the customisation of the models and the option of a convertible billiard table, it is now found in company meeting rooms, hotel lounges and of course in private gaming rooms.

By buying a billiard table and accessories to play at home you will also be able to progress at your own pace. There are many ways to train alone or in groups.

Billar Osmoz avec drap violet Billards Bréton
Billiard table Osmoz

A beneficial activity on many levels

Unlike other sports, billiards can be played at any age. In fact, the physical efforts necessary to practice billiards are neither violent nor aggressive to the body.

Moreover, the benefits of playing billiards are numerous. We can mention in particular the capacities of reflection, anticipation and concentration which are essential to progress.

Moreover, the execution of the shots requires skill and perfect synchronisation of movements: by playing regularly on your billiard table, you are also practising a gentle sport with many benefits for your health.

Finally, in terms of teaching, each player will find in the billiard table, according to his level, a field for learning and playful experimentation of the main laws of physics and geometry!

In the end, billiards is a mixture of discipline and self-control but also an object of conviviality and sharing.

Billard Néro noir et bois Billards Bréton
Billiard table Néo

The billiard table: a decorative element in its own right

When you buy a billiard table, you are buying a piece of furniture that should fit into your interior as well as possible.

For example, buying a billiard table that converts into a table (with a top) means that you don’t have to dedicate an entire room to it and thus optimise the space in your dining room or living room. Whether your interior is design, contemporary, industrial or classic, there is necessarily a model of billiard table Bréton which will correspond to it (discover our ranges of billiard tables).

The numerous possibilities of personalisation such as the colour of the cloth (white, black, red, blue, purple…), the shape of the legs, or the choice of finishes will make your billiard table a unique model which will enhance your interior. You will be able to mix materials such as wood, stainless steel, metal and glass in order to match all decoration trends.

And if you prefer to buy a second-hand billiard table, it is also possible to bring it up to date to give it a contemporary look.

You are now convinced of the interest of buying a billiard table, but how do you choose yours?

Billard Osmoz bois et drap noir Billards Bréton
Billiard table Osmoz and benches

How to buy a billiard table?

We are now going to tackle the main points to study before you start buying your billiard table, whether it is a Billiards Bréton table or not.

Take stock of your needs and desires

At the same time leisure, sport and decoration element of your interior, your future billiard table should not be chosen lightly: you rarely buy several billiard tables in your life! A billiard table is an investment, even for beginners: buying a poor quality product will not make you want to play as much as you want and may even make you regret your purchase.

So define your needs well in advance:

  • Which game mode will I play most frequently?
  • Do I need mixed Carom-American billiards? Or an English pool billiard table?
  • In which room will my billiard table go? What is the size of this room and its function? How do I access it?
  • Am I looking for a new billiard table or a second-hand one?
  • What is my budget for the purchase of my billiard table?

Don’t compromise on the main technical points

A billiard table must be equipped with a slate (monobloc or multi-part slate) and weigh a minimum of 250 kg. Otherwise, when you lean on your billiard table to make a shot, the billiard table will move with you and will never stay level for long.

The materials also play an important role in the fun you will have playing on your billiard table. The quality of the cloth, the use of solid wood (such as oak), the type of rubber cushions used, the grinding of the slates… These elements have an impact on the budget to be planned for the purchase of your billiard table and must be taken into account in order to be able to compare the price of the different billiard tables you are interested in.

Finally, have the terms and conditions of delivery and assembly of your billiard table confirmed: travel of a technician, sub-contracted transport or not, experience of the people involved…. You will only enjoy your billiard table if it has been installed according to the rules of the trade! At Billards Bréton, we take care of organising the transport, delivery and assembly of your billiard table anywhere in the world.

Don’t hesitate to go to the shop and choose the French manufacture.

There are many brands of billiards on the market. But if the photos sometimes look the same on the internet, it is impossible to cheat in shop! Buying a billiard table is a big enough investment to give it some of your time.

Because we meet several hundred customers in your situation every year, we are able to give you the best advice for the choice and the installation of your billiard table. From the conditions of access to your room to the choice of finishes, our Billards Bréton sales advisers are at your service to exchange and assist you in the different stages of the purchase of your billiard table.

By meeting us in the Billards Bréton showroom (located in Orgeval, France), you will be able to visit our manufacturing site labelled ” Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant “. You will thus be able to better understand the different stages in the manufacture of your future billiard table. By favouring French manufacturing, you help us to maintain an ancient know-how on our territory. At home or in our showroom, you will be able to discover all the finishes that we offer and see the different sizes of billiard tables available.

You can also discover our complete range of billiard accessories (billiard cues, balls, chalk, cases…).

Finally, you can also take advantage of the discounts we offer throughout the year on a selection of billiard tables on display! Enough for you to make the purchase of your billiard table in the best conditions!

Any question about our billiards tables?

Need more information about our billiards? Contact our sales team!

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