Everything you need to know about the care of your billiard cloth

Billes de billard sur un drap de billard couleur vert
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What is a billiard cloth ?

The cloth of your billiard table is an essential component to guarantee a perfect and flawless playing surface. Several manufacturers worldwide (Simonis, Strachan) offer cloths of different quality depending on the type of game concerned. The billiard cloth is therefore a mixture of worsted wool and nylon. The presence of nylon is more or less important depending on the type of game. Nylon is not present in 100% wool snooker clothes, but up to 30% in American billiard clothes, mainly to improve the rolling of the balls on the playing surface. It is this mix that explains why nowadays you don’t risk to make a hit after a missed shot!

Over time, clothes manufacturers have also learned to diversify the choice of fabric colours: red, orange, purple, black, grey, burgundy, taupe, chocolate… Today the green color no longer has monopoly!

According to the chosen game mode (Carom, American, English pool or snooker), we recommend you the appropriate cloth in order to take into account the technical specifications of each game. At Billards Bréton, you can also personalize your billiard table according to your taste since we offer you more than 20 colours.

Chez Billards Bréton, plus de 20 coloris sont disponibles pour personnaliser le drap de votre billard

As you can see, billiard cloth is a technical product that needs to be taken care of, especially since it can be put to a severe test during your games!

Some simple tips to extend the life of your billiard cloth

Identify the signs of wear and tear on your cloth

Chalk particles (also called “blue”), dust of all kinds, rubbing of balls, natural light, light colour…all these elements may require the renovation of your billiard cloth if you do not maintain it regularly.

But the very first sign of wear and tear on your cloth will be those little white marks that you will see appearing as you play, regardless of the colour of your cloth. These marks are normal, they are the result of the sudden rise in temperature due to the friction between the ball and the cloth when it is struck by the cue. Depending on how often you use the billiard table, they will gradually cover the whole playing area and unfortunately the only alternative to make them disappear completely is to replace your cloth. But before that, several solutions are available to you to maintain your billiard table.

Use a protective cover when you do not play

Available in various colours and sizes, this is a simple solution to protect your billiard table from dust, but also from the damaging effects of sunlight and moonlight. By regularly covering your billiard table with a protective cover, you prevent the colour of the cloth from fading too quickly and you will also protect the cushion rails.

Housse de table de billard de couleur gris

Wash your hands before each game

This may not seem like a big deal, but it guarantees that you will not accidentally stain or leave traces of grease (after a meal, for example) on your pool table.

Clean the balls on a regular basis

A little warm soapy water and a soft cloth is all you need! The balls because of static electricity will accumulate dust and chalk residues on the cloth of your billiard table. By cleaning them regularly you will prevent them from clogging your cloth and you will increase the longevity of your billiard table.

Preserve your cloth

Do not eat, drink, smoke or put chalk above the playground.

Clean your cloth regularly

Dust your carpet regularly with a soft brush. You can occasionally use a hoover, but at a very low power so as not to loosen the sheet.

Billards Bréton’s tip

Finally, to reduce the white marks mentioned at the beginning of this article, you can take a scrap of your sheet, moisten it slightly with warm water and then rub the marks gently. This will not make them disappear, but it will reduce them significantly!

Despite these tips, the cloth of your billiard table is too worn? Then it’s time to replace it!

This technical intervention can be carried out at your home, does not require the billiard table to be returned to a workshop and generally takes between 2h30 and 4h depending on the condition and design of your billiard table.

In order to provide perfect rolling conditions, it is important to ensure that the new cloth is perfectly taut, both on the playing area and on the cushions where the balls bounce. It is also critical that the weave is perfectly straight.

By replacing the cloth on your billiard table, you will have optimal playing conditions.

However, you should know that there is one case where changing a cloth may be necessary, even if it still looks good: when moving or relocating your billiard table. On this occasion, and if the slate is not in one piece, it will be imperative to remove the cloth to transport your billiard table safely. And putting back a cloth that has already been in place for several years can be complicated and above all not provide good playing conditions, because the tension of the cloth will not be optimal.

Call Billards Bréton for the maintenance of your billiard cloth


Le camion de Billards Bréton

Our technicians carry out several hundred deliveries and changes of cloths each year, both to private individuals and to sports clubs and associations, all over France..

From the type of game (Carom, American, English pool or snooker) to your preferred colour, we can advise you on the best cloth for your billiard table.

Are you thinking of renovating your billiard table? Contact us!

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