Buy a cheaper pool table

Have you ever thought about buying your own pool table? More than a game, it is a design piece of furniture that you can install in your home to give it a special touch and give the room in which you will install an atmosphere and style that will be unique. So don't hesitate to buy a cheaper pool table on Billards Bréton.

Table de billard Aero design de Billards Breton

A game and a design piece of furniture

Billiards Bréton offers you different kinds of cheaper billiards to find the one that best suits the style of your home, or the one you would like to give it. Wooden table, dominant color, English or American billiards, everything goes there to provide you with the game table you need.

By matching your pool table to your decoration, your friends and family who visit your home will only be able to enjoy the view of a pool table that highlights your decoration, and you will always have an activity to offer those who visit you in order to be able to discuss, exchange, inform, renew or consolidate ties around a game of pool.

To enhance the decoration of the room, Bréton Billiards also offers a whole range of inexpensive billiard accessories, from billiard cues, essential for your games of course and adapted to the style of play you plan to favour on your billiard table, to wall-mounted cues holders on which you can store them once your game is over. You will also find billiard cue cases, point markers, billiard chalk and even gloves to improve your grip on the cue and therefore improve your own performance.

This game, which originated in Louis XIII, but which exists as we know it since the beginning of the 20th century, has the advantage of being easy to understand and play, while offering a huge margin of progress to players who want to improve. Shooting techniques, calculation of rebound angles, shooting strength, many parameters are to be taken into account for those who want to improve their game. For others, it will be a game that is constantly being renewed, always fun and completely timeless, which will perfectly accompany an evening with friends or a visit dedicated to discussion and, why not, relaxation.

A cheaper multi use billiard table

René Magritte used to say about its painting of a pipe that this was not a pipe. At Billiards Bréton, our billiards are not only billiards, they are much more! Discover the convertible tables, which can be converted into fully functional dining room tables that hide the game table below, or the carom tables that can be converted into an English or American game according to your favorite rules and those of your guests.

In our great deals section, you can find on Bréton Billiards all types of tables, from cheap billiard tables for leisure to competition tables, built according to the standards in order to offer you a table quite comparable to those used by professionals on which you can train to improve your performance.

Choose your billiard table at Billards Bréton

Each of our clearance or second hand billiard tables benefits from the Bréton Billiards guarantee. They are waiting for you on our Orgeval website: contact us to know all the features and come and try them out! And if you prefer, you can also ask for your free catalogue of Bréton Billiards billiards to find THE budget billiard that YOU will like! So don’t hesitate to ask for your Billiards Bréton catalogue today.

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