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Billiards Bréton offers a wide range of Carom, American, English, pool, convertible and customizable billiard tables. On our website, you can discover all our tables: design, modern, classic, leisure or competition billiard tables.

On our e-shop, you will find a selection of billiard accessories, such as Carom billiard cues, 8 pool and snooker cues, 1 piece billiard cues and extensions, or even billiard balls

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Your custom made billiard table

plug inox pour billard mixte français américain

Carom / Pool convertible billiard table

Thanks to this type of billiard table, you can choose to play the game you prefer according to your wishes (Carom or American pool). Turn your Carom billiard table into an American pool table in just a few minutes and enjoy its dinner tray once you’re done playing!

Dining billiard tables

Transform your pool table into a dining table or desk with a wooden or glass tabletop. The convertible billiard table is a perfect solution to optimize your living space. In a few minutes, you can unveil the carpet hidden under the tabletop to enjoy a game of billiards with your friends.

Différents carrés représentant des teintes de bois différentes

Customize your billiard table

Let your imagination and desires speak for themselves in terms of design and finishes. We create your custom billiard table with you, according to your interior in order to obtain a unique result: a custom-made French billiard table that only looks like you or a convertible American billiard table adapted to the dimensions of your living room.

Pose des bandes de caoutchouc sur un billard de la marque Billards Bréton

Billards Bréton manufacture: the expert for your pool table

Since their creation in Saint-Germain en Laye in 1852, Billards Bréton have specialized in billiard tables manufacturing, maintenance and restoration. For many years, our company has installed its billiard tables in private homes, national and international competitions, as well as for interior design projects in restaurants and hotels.

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Our selection of billiard tables

Table de billard Neo Billards Brétons

Neo modern billiard table

From 3 150 €

  • Available from 2m10 to 2m40,
  • 1 pc slate 20 mm thickness for 2m10 version, slates in 3 parts for larger versions (30 mm thickness),
  • Large choice of cloth colors,
  • Bespoke manufacturing.
Table de billard Aero de Billards Breton en chêne avec un tapis noir

Aero design billiard table

From 5 560€

  • Available from 2m10 to 3m10 (2 legs up to 2m60, 3 legs for 2m80 and 3m10 versions),
  • Pickled steel legs of 12mm with reinforcement beams for perfect stability of the playing area. Textured epoxy powder paint for final finish (black, white or graphite grey),
  • Stainless steel legs in option,
  • 1 pc slate 20mm thickness for 2m10 version, slates in 3 or 4 parts for larger versions (30mm or 60mm thickness),
  • Large choice of cloth colors,
  • Bespoke manufacturing.
Table de billard Osmoz Billards Breton

Ozmoz design billiard table

From 5 560€

  • Available from 2m10 to 2m60,
  • Pickled steel legs with textured epoxy powder paint for final finish (black, white or graphite grey)
  • 1 pc slate 20mm thickness for 2m10 version, slates in 3 parts for larger versions (30mm or 40mm thickness),
  • Metallic frame,
  • Large choice of finishings and cloth colors,
  • Bespoke manufacturing upon request

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More than just a billiard table manufacturer

Billards Bréton differences

Label EPV de l'entreprise Billards Breton

A Living Heritage label company since 2012

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company, or EPV) label is a mark of recognition of the French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial skills.

Awarded for a period of five years, the label brings together producers committed to the quality of their trades and products


High end billiard tables

Choosing a billiard table at Billards Bréton means having the pleasure of playing on a table that can be convertible and customizable, made with materials selected for their quality. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced player, you will appreciate the finish and the possibility of customizing your transformable pool table. The quality and technical requirements for which Bréton is renowned are nowadays at the service of all our customers: they are the guarantee of our professionalism and seriousness

Restauration billard ancien par Billards Bréton

Bespoke services

Billiards Bréton is not only a manufacturer of billiard tables. We also offer a range of tailor-made services such as:

  • Ancient billiard tables restauration : Our team of varnishers and cabinetmakers are often working on restoration of ancient billiard tables. We can meet you to realize a price quotation based on the works you want to perform on your billiard table.We will offer a new life to your pool table
  • Maintenance and restoration : Cloth and rubber cushions are the most sensitive parts of your billiard table. Regular maintenance by professionals is a warranty of perfect playing conditions for your billiard.Should you purchase a second hand table, its moving may be the opportunity to restore some parts of it such as rubber cushions, heating system and cloth… and why not seize the occasion to change the color of the billiard table
  • Move of your table : If you are moving or selling your billiard table our mechanics are available everywhere in France to disassemble it, transport it and assemble it to its new location. Similarly, if you have purchased a used pool table, we ensure all transport services and installation of it.
  • Events : We can help you organize any event which may involve billiard tables. We can organize the logistics of a one night event as well as provide you with billiard top players demos. Our company has participated to several movies, shootings and exhibitions for companies or product launch operation
  • On demand designs : we can study with you any prototype or bespoke model made on drawings realized by an interior designer or by an architect.Interior design companies of India Mahdavi, Jean-Louis Berthet or Olivier Chabaud have asked us to create unique models for their most demanding clients

Choose your billiard table in our show room

To discover our pool tables and visit our showroom and manufacturing workshop, you have the opportunity to visit us at 635, route de la Maison-Blanche, 78630 Orgeval. You can also call us on 33 1 39 75 95 15, or contact us via our online form.

Our sales team is at your disposal.

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