Second hand and clearance billiard tables

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Second hand billiard tables

Chevillotte 2m80 Carom

  • Louis XVI tradition Carom billiard table in walnut finish
  • Playing area 254x127cm
  • inlaid sights
  • Slates in 4 parts 50mm thickness
  • Metallic frame
  • Heating system
  • Simonis 300 Rapid cloth

Billards Bréton Equinoxe table 2m60

  • Equinoxe model in solid chestnut tree, honey color
  • Playing area 230x115cm
  • Carom / American pool adaptation system by plugs
  • Slates in 3 parts 30mm thickness
  • Metallic frame
  • New Simonis cloth any color

Full size snooker Bréton (12ft)

  • Snooker full size Billards Bréton (12ft / 3m80)
  • Tradition style in walnut finish on solid Kotibé
  • Coton nets and rails for balls recovery
  • Wood structure
  • Slates 45mm thickness in 5 parts.

Specialized in high-end billiard tables, Bréton Billiards offers you a wide range of second hand tables. All our used billiards are renovated to offer you the best quality. Buy your billiards at Billards Bréton and enjoy as quickly as possible a billiard table of the same quality as new, for a discounted price.

Do you want to change your interior, add a certain touch or play pool with friends, without having to travel? Opt for a second-hand pool table. Indeed, having a pool table in your home is a privilege that adds a certain charm to your interior decoration. For billiard enthusiasts, there is nothing better than having your own table and enjoying this family and friendly activity. Your children will thank you, your friends will more often want to come to your home to play a part of this game that is easy to learn, simple to learn, but difficult to win without a minimum of agility and precision. And why not, you can train yourself in this game to dazzle your loved ones with your performances when they come to play a game with you.

You don’t need to be passionate to play this game, it will always be nice for you and your guests to gather around a pool table to play a game while talking or exchanging. This game is both easy enough to learn so that anyone can play it, simple enough to follow so that you can exchange with friends or colleagues while keeping an eye on the progress of the game, and complex enough so that the training pays off: the pool table offers a real margin for progress as you train to learn to handle rebounds like no other.

Thanks to Billards Bréton second-hand billiards, you benefit from an authentic, functional and solid table for your games. No need to privilege the new to obtain a table that will make a sensation with your loved ones, the cachet that billiard tables offer is already a real aesthetic improvement, in addition to being useful, to dress a room while revealing a lot about the kind of person you are. You can therefore showcase your good taste and give a real style to your living room or the room you choose by installing a pool table.

In addition, you have the possibility to customize your used pool table to make it unique and in your image. Would you like a pool table that can be transformed into a normal table, on which you can dine, or put drinks and petits fours at receptions? Or perhaps you would like a convertible pool table, which can be used for American or French billiards according to your guests’ tastes and expectations? You may also want a design table that matches the style and atmosphere of the room in which you want to install it, or you may want to change your decor by installing a pool table and progressing from there. Anything is possible.

In order to meet your expectations,  Billiards Bréton finds you the rare pearl, based on your criteria. No need to search, Les Billiards Bréton will find you the second-hand billiards of your dreams, at the best price. Contemporary, classic or more rustic, whatever the model of your choice, Bréton Billiards will bend over backwards to satisfy you. Your choice of colour will also be respected in order to offer you the best possible design. Your comfort and respect for your choices are our main priority.


All the pool tables listed above are on display on our Orgeval website: don’t hesitate to contact us to come and see them!

We also offer you a selection of new billiard tables in stock on site. Unlike used tables, destocking tables are completely new, so you won’t even have to worry about scratches or damage of any kind on your table, it will never have been used and you will be its first and only owner. Compared to simple new tables, they will be less expensive since, as in any store, it is necessary to make room in the storage spaces. So maybe you can find the pool table of your dreams there.

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Clearance show room models

Are you looking for a cheaper billiard table ?

Manhattan billiard table

  • 2m10 US pool
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Blue cushion rails
  • Grey dining table top 3 parts
  • Slate 1 pc 20mm
  • Grey Simonis cloth
Table de billard Verso en bois avec un tapis vert fabriquée par Billards Bréton

Verso billiard table

  • 2m10 US
  • Slate 1 pc 20mm
  • Finish on solid beech ”C”, black lines
  • Simonis 760 green cloth
modèle de table "Equinoxe" d'occasion

Equinoxe billiard table

  • 2m20 US pool
  • Metallic frame
  • Slates 3 parts 30 mm
  • Black satin finish
  • Simonis 760 powder blue cloth
  • White diamond sights

Take advantage of our great deals on a selection of new billiard tables in clearance: all benefit from the Bréton Billiards guarantee!

Our pool tables in clearance are on display on our Orgeval website: do not hesitate to contact us for more information, prices and to try them out!

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