Destocking of exhibition pool tables

Don’t miss our bargains! Billards Bréton offers you the opportunity to buy a second-hand billiard table or a new billiard table from stock while benefiting from the best value for money. Thanks to our know-how as a French manufacturer of exceptional billiards tables since 1852, we can guarantee you the best quality, including on our second-hand and clearance models, but at a lower price! The reliability of the structure, the flatness of the playing surface, the high level of finishing, the customisation of the colour of the cloth and the patterns on the frame: all the ingredients are there to enable you to create your own authentic billiard room, for personal or professional use, while making great savings compared with the cost of new equipment.



Billard tradition pieds tournés

TRADITION Billiard table PACHA

Modèle Prisme promo expo RAL 7024 et drap

PRISME pool table

Discover our second-hand billiard tables

Occasion 250 US WOF


Billard de tradition en bois massif

Second Hand MONARCH CAROM table


Have your pool table personalized by our craftsmen!

By contacting our advisors or visiting our showroom in Orgeval, you can specify each feature of your future billiard table: choice of wood species, color of cloth, table top in wood or glass, return of balls, transformation French, American….

Because your billiard table must fit perfectly into your room, choosing the right size is crucial in order to allow fluid circulation around this central piece of furniture. Similarly, the choice of finishes will highlight a billiard table that will look like you!

Specialized since 1852 in high-end billiard tables, Billards Bréton is above all an authentic French know-how. We offer a wide range of second-hand billiards that our craftsmen and our collaborators take care to renovate with the greatest care in order to offer you the best quality. Buying a billiard table at Billards Bréton means quickly acquiring a billiard table as qualitative as a new table, for a price equal to that of the occasion.

Want to add a touch to your interior, to recreate a friendly bar-café atmosphere without having to leave your home? Why not opt for a second-hand pool table? Treat yourself to the privilege of owning a billiard table signed Billards Bréton. French billiards, American billiards, pool or snooker… This one will add a certain charm to your interior decoration.

Change the game, become the friend you want to come to play games with Billards Bréton.

Are you thinking of buying a pool table, but you are a novice? This is not a problem. Billiards is an easy game to learn. No age is required to indulge in it!

A game of pool is the perfect opportunity to get together with friends or family in a relaxed and jovial atmosphere. It is also a golden opportunity to meet and bond with new people. The simplicity of the game allows you to interact with your guests while keeping an eye on the progress of the game.


Billiards offer real room for improvement as you train to learn how to manipulate rebounds like no one else.


Don’t hesitate any longer, invest in a second-hand billiard table or destocked, with Billards Bréton.

Opting for a second-hand or destocked billiard table from Billards Bréton means benefiting from an authentic, functional table and an aesthetic top including a robust playing surface for all your parts.

Buying new is not always synonymous with cachet. Our used billiard tables are renovated and pampered by our craftsmen and collaborators in order to offer you the best quality. Nothing escapes the sharp eye of our craftsmen, not even the level of the playing surface.

Your second-hand or destocked billiard table will have an effect on everyone, and especially on your guests.

Installer une table de billard dans votre décor créera une ambiance singulière appréciée de tous et sera toujours un atout prestige pour votre intérieur, surtout lorsqu’elle est accompagnée d’éléments de décoration.

Billiard cue holders, triangle for your set of balls, protective cover… We offer many accessories that will complete your second-hand billiard table and dress up your interior on the “Accessories” from our shop.

Are you looking for a design asset?

Why not opt for a convertible table that will combine cachet and functionality thanks to its interchangeable table top? Our modules can be designed in wood or glass, depending on your preferences and aesthetic tastes.

Similarly, choosing a billiard table with a unique base in stainless steel or wood (white, black, etc.) will enhance your interior without affecting the quality of the game. These models have a surface made of one-piece slate which will optimize the slips from your set of marbles.

At Billards Bréton, you also have the option of personalize your second-hand billiard table to make it unique and in your image. Do you want to buy a convertible pool table that can be used for American or French billiards? We also offer the option mixed billiards to delight your guests and multiply the pleasures .

At Billards Bréton, your playing comfort and the respect of your choices are our main priority.

No need to look any further, we will find you the second-hand pool table of your dreams at the best price, whatever the model of your choice. Call on our craftsmen and benefit from our quality services.

Contact us and discover our wide range of second-hand billiard tables: billiard table American, French billiard table, English pool table, convertible billiard table, oak billiard table, metal, brushed finish…

If you are still hesitating about the idea of buying a used billiard table, we also offer a selection of new billiard tables in destocking available for sale.

Unlike second-hand billiard tables, destocked billiard tables are completely new and have never had an owner: they are just waiting for you. You will therefore not have to worry about the state of your new acquisition, we do it for you. We certify that neither the frame, nor the feet, nor the finish will show any scratches or any noticeable damage. The same goes for the game board as well as the strips.

The only difference between billiard tables on sale and new billiard tables lies in their price. Destocked billiard tables are less expensive for a quality equal to that of new.

Want to invest in a used or destocked pool table? Contact us to make your project a reality.