How to choose your billiard table ?

Billiard game mode, table model, dimensions, weight, options let us assist you in your project

Table de billard Break design orange de Billards Bréton

First, you must determine which type of billiard table you want to purchase. Indeed, there are different modes of billiard game, and an American billiard table will not be designed in the same way as a Carom or a snooker billiard table.

Carom billiards, American billiards, English pool billiards, snooker, it’s up to you to define the type of game you prefer.

Note: if you can’t decide and you’re not sure whether you want to play Carom or American billiards, Billard Bréton offers you a mixed billiards option that allows you to play both games

Table de billard Aero compétition de Billards Bréton installée dans un grand salon lumineux

Billiard style

The choice of a billiard table model is essentially based on your tastes and preferences in terms of decoration. Indeed, in order for your pool table to integrate harmoniously into your interior, its style must match your furniture. Billards Bréton offers you several styles of billiard tables: design, modern or traditional. Whether you like classic lines, or rather contemporary ones, wood or metal, you will necessarily find the ideal billiard table among our models.


Due to their quality, our billiards can be suitable for all players, whether they are passionate, professional or amateur. However, we also offer a range of competition models. The tables in this range allow you to play pool under the same conditions as a professional player.

To choose the right size for your pool table, base yourself on the dimensions of the room in which you want to install it. The practice of billiards requires a certain freedom of movement around the table, which is why we offer different table sizes, from 2m10 to 3m80. The smaller and/or more furnished your room, the more you will need to be directed to a small table. On the other hand, if your room is large and clear, you may consider installing a large pool table.

Note: the weight of your future billiard table will depend on its size (count 250 to 400 kg for a small table and 900 to 1250 kg for a table of 2m80 or more). If you are considering installing it on a mezzanine, or on a second floor, take this information into account in your choice: even if all our models are completely removable, your floor may not be able to offer sufficient resistance.

Customize your pool table to the fullest with our options !

Convertible pool/carom billiard table

Transform your Carom table into an American pool table with our “plugs” pool table option! Thanks to this ingenious plug system, you can play these 2 games on the same table. All you have to do is change your set of balls

Dining table tops for billiards

Optimize the space of your living room, enjoy your pool table even more, make your purchase profitable, have a unique dining table… The advantages of a convertible pool table are plenty!

Table de billard convertible Dauphin avec un plateau en verre

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