What are the dimensions of a pool table?

Do you want to buy a pool table and want to know the dimensions of our tables or have information about the size of a pool table? Find all the necessary information on this page.

The dimensions of billiards offered by Billards Bréton

In order to help you in your choice, Billards Bréton offers you a table which summarizes all the dimensions and weights of the different models of billiard tables offered in our catalogue. Thus, you can choose your billiard table according to the size of your room.

If in doubt or if you need advice about the dimensions of your future billiard table, delivery or installation, the Billards Bréton team is at your disposal. You can at any time, if you wish, contact a billiard professional.

Table2 m 102 m 202 m 402 m 602 m 803 m 103 m 80
Aire de jeu180 x 90190 x 95210 x 105230 x 115254 x 127284 x 142356 x 178
Dimensionsde 206 x 116de 216 x 121de 236 x 131de 256 x 141280 x 153311 x 168,5382 x 204
extérieuresà 225 x 135à 235 x 140à 255 x 150à 275 x 160
Dim. min. de la pièce440 x 350450 x 355470 x 365490 x 375515 x 390550 x 405620 x 440
Osmoz •
Ardoises jeu US/20 mm30 mm30 mm30 mm30 mm45 mm45 mm
Pool/Snookermonobloc3 parties3 parties3 parties3 parties4 parties5 parties
Ardoises jeu FR20 mm30 mm40 mm40 mm50 mm60 mm
monobloc3 parties3 parties3 parties3 parties4 parties
Poids250/400 kg330/450 kg375/540 kg440/600 kg840/920 kg950/1100 kg1000/1250 kg

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Billiard table dimensions FAQ

At Billards Bréton, we know that comfort is essential when it comes to it’s all about choosing the dimensions of your pool table. It is important to check beforehand the dimensions of the billiard table and the room that will host it. Indeed, the practice of this discipline requires a certain freedom of movement and sufficient space all around the table, in order to be comfortable when handling the cue.

This is why, before buying a French, American or English Billards Bréton billiard table, you should ask yourself about the space you have at home, the dimensions of the room in which you will install your pool table, or on the weight of the pool table. Our advisers can come to your home to carry out an installation study using a template free of charge.


Bar billiards, American billiards, French billiards, English pool, or snooker, there are no regulatory dimensions for a billiard table, except for snooker billiards. competition (2m10 for English pool, 2m80 for American billiards, 3m10 for French billiards or carom and 3m80 for snooker). You can therefore opt for more or less large dimensions for your billiard table, depending on your room, without affecting comfort or playing conditions. Billards Bréton also offers you different dimensions, so that your table adapts to your your interior to perfection.

Depending on the dimensions of your table, Billards Bréton advises you to install your billiard table in a sparsely furnished room, such as a veranda, a mezzanine, or even a basement. Checking the accessibility conditions is very important because you can completely install your billiard table on the first floor or in the basement. The design of Billards Bréton guarantees the possibility of completely dismantling your billiard table in order to install it in the most difficult to access rooms. As a real decorative element, your pool table will look great in your interior.

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