Mixed French American billiard table

Switch from a French billiard table to an American billiard table in a few minutes with our mixed billiard option

What is our mixed French/American pool option?


Play the game you like best!

All Billards Bréton billiard table models can be equipped with the mixed French/American billiards option. Thus, all our billiard tables allow you to play both French billiards (also known as Carom) and American billiards, using a “plug” transformation system.


Thanks to a mixed billiard table, you can choose to practice the game you prefer: French or American, according to your desires. It is also possible to convert your pool table into a dining table. In fact, you can use your convertible billiard table as a dining table.

Find your convertible pool table from our selection

Billards Bréton offers you a complete catalog of billiards that can be converted into different dining tables. It’s up to you to choose the model of billiard table convertible into a table that will best match your interior decoration.


Osmoz billiard table

A unique design and refined elegance


Manhattan billiard table

A billiard table with a flawless design combining stainless steel and solid wood


Pacha billiard table

The power and refinement of a sovereign billiard table!


Orion billiard table

Clean lines for a timeless model


Equinoxe billiard table

Sharp design and optimal playing quality

Why choose a mixed French American pool table?

The advantages of the Billards Bréton mixed pool table

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