What are the ideal dimensions of a room for a billiard table?

Choosing a billiard table that is the right size for your room is essential to enjoy it to the fullest !

Table de billard Aero compétiton installée dans une salle à manger lumineuse

Minimum dimensions of a room to install your Bréton pool table

Each of our billiards can be manufactured in the dimensions of your choice, depending on your available space. For each size of pool table, we recommend minimum dimensions for the room that will accommodate your pool table..

Our advice on the dimensions of your future billiard room

For each player to be comfortable around the table, he must be able to move around and use his cue as he wishes without being hindered by a wall or piece of furniture. Therefore, we recommend that our clients plan a minimum space of 4m40 x 3m50 for a 2m10 pool table. The larger the pool table, the larger these dimensions increase (for a 3m80 pool table, a surface area of 6m20 x 4m40 is recommended).

Having a room dedicated to billiards is not a requirement. Your pool table can be installed in a room such as a veranda, a basement or even a mezzanine (making sure that the weight of the pool table is not too important). The only requirement is that this room is not too crowded.

If your living room is large enough, you can also opt for a convertible pool table (thanks to a dinner tray, your pool table can be transformed into a dining table).

If the dimensions of your room are right, choosing a small pool table, and using smaller cues will allow you to keep a good playing comfort.

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Carom billiards, American billiards, English pool or snooker, all our billiards are made in France near Paris. For more than 150 years we have put all our know-how at the service of individuals, associations and companies. Whatever the style of your room or its dimensions, we necessarily have a suitable pool table in our catalogue.

In addition to our tables, we also offer a range of quality accessories dedicated to the practice of billiards (cues, balls, lights, cases…).

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