Manufacture and know how

Table de billard prestige de Billards Breton

Absolute quality requirement

Several points are strictly controled by our craftsmen in order to get the most out of your billiard table: wood species selection, slates and  rubber cushions quality, control of flatness and assembly precision are key to the final result in your house.

  1. One piece solid rails
  2. Slates rectification ;
  3. Metallic frame;
  4. Rubber cushions.
Illustration en étapes de l'assemblage du corps de bande d'un billard
Inscription "Billard Bréton" sur bois

Solid wood

All our billiard tables are made of the most exclusive solid wood species (Kotibé, oak, chestnut of French walnut). For competition tables we also use high density mdf.

Kotibé wood (a selective cabinet work wood species from mahogany family) is perfectly adapted to provide the best playing conditions given its natural density.

Simultaneous cuts and drills

The assembly of the elements that compose the cushion rails must be as precise as possible: we have created a machine which realizes all the operations at the same time: this is a way to make sure we get perfect cuts and assembly of the parts.

These advanced technologies, mixed with our traditional know how, optimize the playing conditions of our tables.

Machine de fabrication de billards
Fabrication et ponçage d'une table de billard

Slate rectification within 1/20th of millimeter

Slates are the insurance of the good playing conditions of your table: sourced in Italy, the slates are controlled in our factory to be sure of their density and flawlessness.

After this first control, we assemble them to the metallic frame which will support them and then polish them with a dry diamond tool in order to protect them from humidity: this operation requires a specific tool which only genuine manufacturers have in their factory.


Metallic frame

No wood can warranty the perfect flatness of your playing area, especially for larger dimensions tables. On the long run, wood, as a living material, will inevitably change of shape and make your table not flat.

The use of a metallic frame support, with tension system, is the only way to offer you perfect flatness of playing area on the long run.

This demanding conception with U shaped metallic beams of 80 to 100 mm is used for all our models from 2m60 version.

Chassis métallique de billard
Pose du caoutchouc sur un billard en fabrication

Rubber cushions

Rubber cushions are the most important components of our rails: we only use quadrangular shaped rubber cushions from Klematch. They are glued to the wood support of the rail in order to bring you perfect rebound conditions.

Their quality is a warranty of an extended service life.

Final assembly

In order to get the most out of the finest raw materials we use we have designed specific assembly tools to ensure perfect set up of your billiard table.

The experience of our mechanics will bring the final touch and the perfect completion of your billiard table.


Schéma d'assemblage d'un billard

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