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Table de billard Aero design de Billards Breton

Carom, American pool, English pool or snooker, before buying your billiard the first question to ask yourself is the size of your future table.

Except for competitions, there is no regulatory dimension for a billiard table. Billards Bréton offers you tables of different sizes, ranging from 2m10 (7ft) to 3m80 (12ft). It is up to you to choose the right dimensions according to your preferences and the space available in your room.

Dimensions of a billard table

In order to enjoy your billiard comfortably at home, Bréton Billiards recommends that you dedicate a space of at least 3m40 by 4m40 to it. Veranda, mezzanine, basement or living room, a pool table can be found anywhere! If the room you are thinking of is short in terms of space, know that it is possible to use shorter billiard cues to play comfortably. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us on this subject, we’ll be glad to study your floor plan.

Dimensions of a billard room

The convertible pool table has many strengths. It is ideal for all enthusiasts who cannot devote an entire room to their favourite hobby.

Indeed, the convertible pool table allows you to optimize the space of your dining room or living room. In a few minutes, you can turn your pool table into a dining table to welcome your family or friends. This way, your pool table will easily find its place in your living room


Table de billard blanche Manhattan de Billads Bréton transformé en table de salon

To choose your future pool table, it is necessary to know how you want to use it (which game are you interested in? what is your frequency of use?), to determine your needs as a player and to know where you want to set up your table. Billards Bréton proposes you twenty models of billiard tables. Design, contemporary, traditional, top-of-the-range, or competition billiards: you will necessarily find the right model in our catalogue.

In case of doubt about your choice, do not hesitate to contact our team.

How to choose a billard table ?

The price of a billiard table can vary greatly depending on its quality, the materials used for its production, the finishes and the extra options you can choose (convertible table, carom/pool table…).

At Billards Bréton, we propose you a large choice of hand made billiards made in France from 3 010 € (model NEO) to 10 000€ and more (excluding delivery and assembly costs).

Is the pool table you’ve always dreamed of finally at home? Here are some tips to preserve and maintain it on a daily basis:

  • To avoid stains or shocks when you are not playing, cover your pool table with a protective cover, or position your table top if it is a convertible pool table. Another tip: do not place your pool table just next to a window, or make sure to close the curtains to prevent the sheet from being discoloured by the sun or the moon lights;
  • Regularly dust your table and its accessories with a soft, dry cloth. If your pool table is made of solid wood, use beeswax to nourish it. For a stainless steel pool table, use a special stainless steel cleaner;
  • Thoroughly clean the cloth of your pool table once a month with a brush or vacuum cleaner;
  • Avoid eating, drinking or smoking next to your pool table when the table top is not in place and store the balls in their box after a game. Also be careful with chalk stains when rubbing the chalk on the tip of your pool cue.!

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