ORION modern billiard table

An elegant and sober pool table in your game world

An aesthetic and sober billiard table

Orion noir et drap crème

Billiard characteristics

From 4 320€

  • Available from 2m10 to 2m40,
  • 1 pc slate 20mm thickness for 2m10 version, slates in 3 parts for larger versions (30mm thickness),
  • Wood frame,
  • Large choice of cloth colors,
  • Bespoke manufacturing.
Billard orion chataigner naturel drap taupe

Billiard presentation

Thanks to its contemporary lines model Orion is a sober yet aesthetic billiard table.

The details on the shape of its legs combined with the curved cushion rails bring all its style to this billiard table.

Orion is available in Kotibe or in Chestnut wood as well as in many solid colors possibility.

Billard orion chataigner naturel

Customize your model!

  • Carom game
  • American pool
  • Blackball
  • Snooker
  • Carom/American pool plug conversion system
  • Dining table top
  • Diamond sights

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