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Billards Bréton modèle AERO et son plateau-table en verre

A convertible glass billiard table to sublimate your interior

Not everyone has the possibility of having a game room designed to accommodate a billiard table at home. This is why Billiards Bréton offers you the option of adding a convertible table with a glass tabletop to your billiard table so that it perfectly integrates your living space.

With more than 160 years of experience in the manufacture of billiard tables, we invite you to come back to the advantages of a convertible billiard table with its glass top and to discover our latest custom-made creations.

The advantages of a design convertible billiard table

An optimised interior

With the convertible table option, optimise your living space by transforming your billiard table into a dining or decorative table.

Indeed, the convertible billiard table signed Billards Bréton adapts perfectly to everyday spaces (living room, dining room, office, veranda…) thanks to its table-top. We also offer different sizes of billiard tables so that they will fit your interior as well as possible. Whatever the available space, you will optimise your living room thanks to your transformable billiard table

A billiard table that quickly transforms into a dining table

Thanks to the convertible billiard table option, quickly transform your billiard table into a spacious and comfortable dining table. Depending on the size you choose, you will be able to accommodate up to 12 people for a dinner with friends or family.

Whatever the chosen mode of play (american, french, pool, english, snooker…), this option is available for all our billiard tables.

A smart investment

Thanks to its glass dining table top, there is no need to invest in a table as your billiard table will quickly become a dining table. A billiard table for different uses!

What’s more, you no longer have to make a compromise between a Carom billiard table and a Pool billiard table since, with the carom – pool transformation option, you can diversify your game modes without investing in several billiard tables

Add an original touch to your decoration with a convertible glass plate

Our SERISTAL glass dining tops

Our glass shelves are designed with 6mm thick SERISTAL safety glass panels known for their robustness and elegance. When you imagine your future billiard table, don’t forget to choose between a transparent glass top or a checkerboard shaped glass top for more modernity.

For a more meticulous finish, our glass tops are systematically framed with a wooden edge. To satisfy your desires, this edge can be declined in the finish you want (oak, beech, kotibe wood…).

Highlight your choice of cloth color!

Why hide the colour of the cloth of your billiard table under a simple dining tray? Thanks to the glass tabletop option, the colour of the cloth of your billiard table will be highlighted and the billiard balls will be visible. Will you resist the urge to play a game of billiards with your guests?

Our latest made-to-measure and customized realisations

Lacking inspiration? Discover our latest creations of convertible glass billiard tables. Each model has been made to measure in order to meet the expectations and needs of each of our customers.

Choice of the type of game, the type of wood and finish, the colour of the cloth, the function of the billiard table… You can customise your billiard table according to your desires and tastes. Indeed, more than 20 cloth colours are available and the possibilities are endless as regards the colour of your billiard table.

Equinoxe and its timeless lines

Billards Bréton modèle Equinoxe noir laqué et son plateau-table en verre
Convertible billiard Equinoxe

The lacquered black of our Equinoxe model matches perfectly with the visible red cloth thanks to its transparent glass plate.

Dauphin : a classic and user-friendly model

Billards Bréton modèle Dauphin style traditionnel
Convertible billiard Dauphin

Whether your billiard table is contemporary or more traditional, our glass tops adapt perfectly to each of our models.

Néo and its sleek design

Billards Bréton modèle Néo et son plateau-table en verre
Convertible billiard Neo

Possibilities are multiple with this model Néo which combines elegance and sobriety thanks to the convertible table option and its glass top which lets the balls of your billiard table show through.

AERO and its timeless design

Billards Bréton modèle AERO et son platea-table en verre damiers
Convertible billiard Aero

Transparent or chequered tray, let yourself be tempted by our glass dinner trays. These can be adapted to each model as on the AERO model to make your table a unique billiard table.

Modèle AERO et son plateau-table en verre réduit au maximum
Convertible billiard Aero

In this second customised design, the glass top is reduced to a minimum. It suggests a completely different use for this dining table… that of an American billiard table.

Would you like to invest in a customisable and transformable billiard table? Contact us for a free and personalised quote or come and discover our wide range of billiard tables in our showroom located near Paris. Trust the know-how of Billards Bréton, manufacturers of billiard tables for over 160 years.

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