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billard table à manger modèle Manhattan blanc

The advantages of a billiard dining table designed by Billards Bréton

Why choose a convertible billiard table? Which model to choose? Billards Bréton, manufacturer of billiard tables since 1852, invites you to come back to the benefits of investing in a billiard dining table.

Why opt for a billiard dining table?

A pool table that can be converted into a dining table

Surprise your guests after the meal by converting your dining table into a professional quality pool table and enjoy a game of pool with your guests. Thanks to the convertible table option, you can convert your pool table into a dining table in no time.

In addition, all our billiard tables can be equipped with a table top (in glass or wood) to allow you to find the ideal billiard model.

table à manger billard modèle Verso noir

On this Verso model, the black table top is fits perfectly with the round lines of this designer billiard model.

An optimized space

Thanks to the convertible billiard table option, you will optimize your living space and your budget. Indeed, you can arrange your living space (your dining room for example) with a 2 in 1 piece of furniture, both billiard table and table for your meals. Some of our models can accommodate up to 14 guests.

If you already have one of our pool tables, you can turn it into a beautiful dining table by investing in a table top now.

billard table à manger modèle Manhattan blanc

Between table art and professional billiard games, your billiard table will perfectly suit your decoration. As with the Manhattan model in this dining room, your billiard dining table will bring conviviality and a touch of modernity to your interior space.

Customize your convertible pool table


From the choice of colours (cloth, pool table colour) to the choice of type of wood, customize your billiard table convertible into a dining table according to your tastes and sublimate your living room dining room. More than 20 cloth colors are available as well as several wood finishes (beech, oak, chestnut, kotibé, HDF, walnut, etc.) so that you can design the ideal billiard table.

Our pool table models are also available in several sizes. So, opt for a model that will adapt perfectly to the dimensions of your room and the number of your guests

The game mode

Thanks to the option mixed convertible billiard table, quickly transform your billiard table French in American billiards in just a few minutes for family and immediate use.

Are you still hesitating? Our recent models allow subsequent installation of the plug system for mixed use of your pool table.

Contact us to find out if the system can be adapted to your pool table model.

The tabletop

At Billards Bréton, your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why you can also customize your table top so that it adapts perfectly to your pool table and fits into your living space.

Top in wood or glass, with checkered or without, your billiard table will become an elegant and functional dining table.

A question about our billiard dining tables?

Specialists since 1852 in the manufacture of billiard tables, our teams are there to support you in your billiard table acquisition project. We are able to organize the delivery and installation of your pool table anywhere in the world.

Contact us to receive a personalized quote and discover our price ranges.

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