A tribute to guitarist Django Reinhardt

Designed and produced with Jean Louis Berthet and UNIK

An exclusive custom-made pool table

Billiard characteristics

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  • Available from 2m40 to 2m80,
  • Slates 30mm to 50mm thickness in 3 parts​,
  • Metallic frame,
  • Centralized balls recovery system,
  • Large choice of cloth colors,
  • Bespoke manufacturing.

Billiard presentation

Gipsy Django Reinhardt (1910-1953) still remains the world’s grandest jazz guitarist. He was nearly killed by a fire set on his camping trailer but was finally rescued and remained in coma for several days. As a result, two fingers of his left hand became permanently paralyzed and he developed marvelously novel techniques to play the guitar that few guitarists have been successful in imitating.

Despite its worldwide reputation, what he thought the most important was to play billiard!

In order to pay homage to this unique artist, Jean Louis Berthet wished to dedicate him this unique pool table.

In partnership with UNIK furniture company, Billards Bréton have realised the first unit of this limited edition which was installed at Moods, Monaco’s latest lounge bar of Société des Bains de Mer.

Cylindrical legs in bright polished stainless steel, solid wood rails, integrated balls return system, metallic frames and rectified slates, wide choice of cloth colors, numbered and signed by the creator units: this model is at the image of the artist it pays homage to, innovative and perfectionist.

Customize your model!

  • Carom game
  • American pool
  • Blackball
  • Snooker
  • Carom/American pool plug conversion system
  • Dissassemblable metallic frame
  • Heating system

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