Jubile classic billiard table

A model designed for our 150th anniversary

A traditional billiard table with distinguished lines

Table de billard Jubile tradition de Billards Bréton

Billiard characteristics

From 4 530€*

  • Available from 2m10 to 2m40,
  • 1 pc slate 20mm thickness for 2m10 version, slates in 3 parts for larger versions (30mm thickness),
  • Wood frame,
  • Large choice of cloth colors,
  • Bespoke manufacturing.

Billiard presentation

Drawn for the occasion of Billards Bréton 150th anniversary, Jubilé is a classic billiard table with distinguished lines.

You will find in this model all the values ​​that drive our brand’s spirit since its creation.

Customize your model!

  • Carom game
  • American pool
  • Blackball
  • Snooker
  • Carom/American pool plug conversion system
  • Dining table top
  • Diamond sights

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