Convertible Carom-American billiard table

Transform your Carom pool table into an American pool table in 3 minutes with our transformation kit. Convertible system by plugs adaptable to all our billiard tables

Table de billard Orion contemporain de Billards Bréton équipée de plugs pour un jeu mixte

What is our convertible carom/pool plug system ?

All Bréton billiard table models can be equipped with the Carom/Pool convertible system. Thus, all our billiard tables allow you to play both Carom billiards and American pool game, using a plug transformation system.

Thanks to a mixed pool table, you can choose to play the game you prefer: Carom or American, according to your wishes. It is also possible to convert your pool table into a dinner table. Indeed, you can use your billiard table that can be transformed into a dining table

Why choose a convertible carom/pool table?

Benefits of the convertible Billards Bréton pool table

Turning your Carom table into an American pool table takes less than 3 minutes! Your convertible plug system is very convenient to use and install according to your wishes: Carom, American pool, dinner tray.

The 6 parts can be stored in a drawer and there is no risk of damaging them.

This system offers perfect playing conditions by keeping perfect cohesion between rails and cushions, which is not the case of other systems

Perfect finish: brushed stainless steel is a warranty of high end finishing and long term reliability.

Our recent pool models allow a later installation of the plug system to transform your pool table into a French pool table: this quick intervention is done directly on site. Contact us to find out if the system can be adapted to your model!

A convertible billiard table perfect for family use
Convertible billiard tables can not be compared with actual genuine carom biiliard tables (cloth quality and slates thickness difference, heating system…) but they remain a good alternative to discover a more technical billiard game.

A few examples of our convertible billiard tables

Table de billard Osmoz de Billards Bréton

Osmoz billiard table

From 5 950€

Osmoz is the very first billiard which adapts itself to your desires: its unique design allows you to create 4 different models by choosing the position of the legs which pleases you most!

Manhattan billiard table

From 7 150€

This special edition was designed to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Manhattan model.

The use of stainless steel (dissassemblable structure) and solid wood for cushion rails (Oak, Wenge, Kotibe…) is a reflection of modernity and tradition in the manufacture of our billiard tables.

Table de billard Pacha tradition de Billards Bréton

Pacha billiard table

From 6 200€

Inspired by classic billiard tables, Pacha is both genuine and friendly.

Its neo-classical style legs mixed with a high end solid precious wood finish (kotibe, oak, walnut) offer you the best possible price to quality ratio.

Billard noir et drap violet

Orion billiard table

From 4 510€

Thanks to its contemporary lines model Orion is a sober yet aesthetic billiard table. The details on the shape of its legs combined with the curved cushion rails bring all its style to this billiard table.

Équinoxe billiard table

From 5 770€

Equinoxe billiard table is one of the simplest and timeless models within our collection. Stretched lines combined with nobility of solid wood turn this model into a must have for your gaming room.

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