Dining table tops for billiards

We propose you several billiard tables that you can convert into a dining table using an optional dinner tray.

Billard aero design plateau verre

Dining table conversion for billiards by Billards Bréton

Our convertible pool table option adds an original touch to your decoration and allows you to use your billiard table for dinners with friends and family. The convertible pool table offers you a wide and optimal space to eat comfortably.

This option is available for all our billiard models, whatever the game mode chosen (American pool, Carom, English pool, snooker…)

A selection of dining billiard tables from Billards Bréton

Table de billard Néo contemporain de Billards Bréton avec un plateau en verre

Néo Billiard table

From 3 700€

Néo is a model with modern lines which are perfectly designed for a dining table or an office desk use.

Delivery and assembly by Billards Bréton

Billard orion chataigner naturel

Orion dining billiard table

From 4 510€

If you expect contemporary and sleek lines, opt for the Orion billiard table. Its elegant and sober appearance fits perfectly into any room of your home. A transformable table that is very easy to match with your decoration.

Delivery and assembly by Billards Bréton

Table de billard convertible design Verso de Billards Bréton avec plateau en verre

Verso billiard table

From 4 540€

Our Verso convertible pool table with rounded lines allows you to convert your table into a dining table easily. Its finishing possibilities are infinite and allow you to play a game of Carom as well as a pool game.

Delivery and assembly by Billards Bréton.

Table de billard convertible design Dauphin design avec plateau en verre

Dauphin dining billiard table

From 5 130€

Very user-friendly, the Dauphin convertible billiard table is available with stainless steel square legs, wooden square legs or Louis XVI style legs. A convertible billiard table with a modern or traditional design that will appeal to all furniture lovers.

Delivery and assembly by Billards Bréton.

Table de billard convertible Aero avec plateau en bois

Aero billiard table

From 5 950€

Turning your billiard table into a dining table has never been easier thanks to the Aero table, which perfectly combines design and technology. Inspired by competition models, Aero guarantees you perfect stability and great comfort in both pool and dining versions.

Delivery and assembly by Billards Bréton.

Table de billard convertible Manhattan

Manhattan billiard table

From 7 150€

This high end convertible billiard table has been designed to optimize the number of guests you can invite: from the smallest 7ft version of this model, you can dine for 8 people and the largest version can accommodate up to 15 guests. The stainless steel structure provides maximum user comfort in the dining table version

Delivery and assembly by Billards Bréton.

Why choose a convertible billiard table?

The advantages of our dining table-top option

Because we know it is not easy to dedicate an entire room or a game room to your billiard table, our models can easily be integrated into your daily routine (kitchen, dining room or living room) thanks to the tabletop, desk or dining table option. You can then use your convertible billiard table as a table for your meals or simply as a decorative piece of furniture.

We also offer billiard tables in different sizes, so that you can choose the one that best suits your interior. Thus, it is possible to choose the dimensions of your convertible billiard table

Table de billard convertible Osmoz avec plateau blanc et chaises autour de la table

Don’t choose between the pleasure of a game of billiards or a meal with friends thanks to your convertible billiard table! All our billiard tables can easily be transformed into dining room or office tables by adding a 2 or 3 parts table top to the colour of the rest of the furniture.

Our billiards models can be equipped with a wooden or glass table top. Each tray can also be equipped with an extension, in order to increase the number of seats available around your convertible pool table. Dinner for two or a large family meal, everything is possible with your convertible pool table!

Différents carrés représentant des teintes de bois différentes

Transformed into a dining table, your convertible billiard table allows you to make the most of its purchase. You can reuse your pool table for entertainment whenever you want and start a small game with friends!

A range of accessories for your dining billiard table

Complete your Bréton convertible billiard table with quality accessories

Table de billard convertible Verso avec plateau et bancs blancs

Custom made benches

To reduce the space required around your convertible billiard table, we propose you custom-made benches. These accessories allow you to stay in the original theme given by your convertible billiard table transformed into a dinner tray. The benches perfectly match the table you have chosen and blend into your interior design. On the NEO, Manhattan or Verso models, the benches can also be easily stored under the pool table to facilitate their storage.

Table de billard prestige Bréton

Extra large dining table top

On some models like Pacha, Monarch or Prestige, we create an overhanging tray (about 15 cm) to make it easier for your guests to sit around the convertible table.

Table de billard convertible Dauphin avec un plateau en verre


A stirrup makes it easier to store your tabletop and ensures its protection when you play. Thus, it is very easy for you to switch from the dining table to the billiard table in a few movements. Our Bréton pool tables are truly designed to perfectly combine these two functions: billiard table and dining table..

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