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Discover the rules for Carom billiards

Carom billiard is played on a billiard table without pockets and with a set of 3 balls: one red and two white of which one is marked. The player must use the cue ball to make contact with the other two balls on the table in order to score 1 point.

There are several different carom games:

Free game (also named Straight Rail)

Each player must reach a certain number of points without any specific requirement to make a point. The first to reach the score wins.

If the first to play wins then balls are set again in place and its opponent benefits from a last inning.


Each player has to perform specific points:

  • Cushion first,
  • 3 cushions,
  • 3Casin: the cue ball hits the red which after hits the third ball after 1 cushion,
  • 1 cushion,
  • 2 cushions,
  • Red: Red ball must be hit first,
  • Direct: No cushions allowed,
  • Free: player can score anyway he wants.
  • First player to reach 10 points in each figure wins.

Cue ball must rebound at least on one cushion before it hits the last ball.


Cue ball must rebound at least on three cushions before it hits the last ball.


There are 3 differents balkline games: 47/1, 47/2 and 71/2.

In this game there are six (or nine) zones delimited on the playing area.

The player can only make a maximum of 2 (47/2 and 71/2) or 1 (47/1) points staying in the zone.

5 pins

Five pins of 25mm height are placed in the center of the playing area, in the shape of a cross.

Points are granted to the player depending on the pins that he strikes:

  • Central pin: 4 points,
  • Side pin: 2 points,
  • Central pin alone: 8 points.

The number of points scored is the one of the highest figure.

Should the player make faults, points are taken off its credit.

Whether you are just discovering Carom game or should you be a real amateur, Bréton carom billiards offer you the perfect playing area.

Our billiard tables are made from materials selected with extreme care: woods species, rectified OIS label slates, metallic frame, competition grade Simonis cloth…

Bréton was selected as official supplier of the 3 Cushions World Championships in Germany in 2006 and 2008 and official supplier of the French Billiards Federation for National finals since 2010. Our tables are currently set up in many clubs and pool halls where we insure the maintenance all year round.

After competitions where our tables are installed we propose pre owned tables with a special discount.

Our carom billiard tables are available in 6 different sizes and we offer a full range of customization options.


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