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Boules de billard sur un

Discover the rules of US pool billiard game

Pool game is played on a 6 pockets billiard table with 15 colored balls and 1 white ball cue ball of 57.2mm diameter:

  • Balls numbered from 1 to 8 are completely colored,
  • Balls numbered from 9 to 15 are only colored with a line.

There are several different pool games, the most famous being:

Eight ball game

It is played with 16 balls.

Each player takes a family of balls (full color vs line balls) based on break hit.

He must pocket all the balls then finishes by the Eight ball (black one).

Two rules are popular when a player commits a fault:

  • The player can put the cue ball anywhere behind the shot line.
  • Cue ball in hand: the player puts the cue ball anywhere on the playing area before he hits.

Nine ball game

This game is played only with cue ball and balls from 1 to 9.

The winner is the one who pockets ball n°9.

Players must always touch first the lower value ball on the playing area.

It is therefore possible to pocket any ball, including the Nine ball, as long as the correct ball is hit first.

14/1 game

All balls are used.

Each ball has the same value.

Each pocketed ball, a point is scored and the player continues as he pockets and/or does not commit a fault.

The game is played over a distance, that is to say, a number of points to achieve.

When there is no ball left to pocket on the playing and should the distance still to be made, the other balls are placed back in the triangle at their starting point for a new inning.

Billards Bréton American pool tables will provide you intense playing moments with friends which will discover a game requiring skills, strategy and thinking.

Wood selection, wood or metallic frame, competition grade Simonis cloth: all conditions are met so that each game makes you progress!

All our pool tables are available in 5 different sizes, with a large choice of cloth color in order to match your interior decoration. As an option you’ll be able to add a centralized recovery system with drawers for balls collection.

Finally all our pool tables are convertible to carom game thanks to our plug conversion system.

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