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Discover the rules of english pool also known as blackball

Blackball (also known as English pool) is a variant of billiards played on smaller 7ft tables.

It is played by 2 players with 16 balls (1 white cue ball, 1 black, 7 red, 7 yellow) of 50.8 mm diameter.

For break the 14 colored balls are grouped in a triangle.

The cue ball is placed in the starting area.

The player which will strikes first chooses the color he wants to play. The goal is then to pocket all the balls of his color and finally the black ball.

Bonds and fault:

  • Once colors are set each player must always hit one ball of its family first.
  • Pocketing cue ball is a fault.
  • For each fault made by a player its opponent has a free shot. He can pocket or hit any ball.

Some faults lead to loss of game:

  • Pocket the black ball before all the other balls from a family are out of the table.
  • Pocket the black ball while committing a fault.

Blackball billiard is very easy to play and fully accessible to beginners as the dimension of table is quite small (7ft / 2m10).

Since it was created in UK during the 80’s it has grown very fast and is now played in many bars and pubs.

In comparison to American pool game, blackball is played with smaller and curved pocket entries which are adapted to the different size of the balls. Cushion rails also have a different profile and the cloth used is 100% made of wool.

Most of our models can be realized in blackball mode, with many customization options.

In larger sizes (2m40 or 2m60) it is also possible to play snooker on these tables.

Finally all our blackball tables can be turned into dining tables.

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