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Discover snooker game rules

Snooker game is played on pocket tables with sets of 22 balls of 52mm diameter. The balls include:

  • A white cue ball
  • 15 red balls with 1 point value
  • 1 yellow ball with 2 points value
  • 1 green ball with 3 points value
  • 1 brown ball with 4 points value
  • 1 blue ball with 5 points value
  • 1 pink ball with 6 points value
  • 1 black ball with 7 points value

Each player can play as long as he scores points. Only the white cue ball can be played directly by the player. The goal is to score as many points as possible with the red and colored balls.

The game consists in two phases:

Player must first pocket a red ball,

Then he can take another shot for any other color ball.

When a color is pocketed it is replaced on the playing area. Another red ball is then played, then a color ball, etc.

When the last red ball and the next color have been played, the second phase begins. In this phase, all colors must be pocketed in the correct order (increasing points value).

Each time a ball is pocketed the player gets as many points as the balls value.

Points are also scored if the opponent makes the following mistakes:

  • Do not touch any ball with the cue ball,
  • Hitting or pocketing a wrong color ball,
  • Pocketing the cue ball,
  • Get a ball out of the playing area,
  • Use another cue ball than the white ball,
  • Push balls.

Snooker is the oldest pocket billiard game. Popularized by British officers from XIXth century in India it has since then become a worldwide success with international competitions broadcasted live on television.

All Bréton snooker tables are complying with the specific technical features of snooker game: rounded entry pocket, specific rubber cushions and 100% wool cloth.

They are available in 7 different sizes, but we recommend that you choose at least a 2m60 version to enjoy the game at its best.

As on traditional snooker tables balls recovery is made in a rail connected to the pocket by a cotton thread. Should you select a more design snooker table, we can adapt a centralized recovery system as well as a dining table top.


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